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1) The scholarships, unless specifically indicated, are open to Malaysian students who sign  up for full-time programmes only.

2) The scholarships awarded are in the form of full/ partial tuition fee waiver only. Miscellaneous fees such as fees for application, examination, resources, deposit, insurance, activity, science lab and etc, which shall be borne by the student.

3) All applicants must meet the minimum entry requirements of the selected programme.

4) Meeting the minimum scholarship criteria does not automatically guarantee the applicant a scholarship. ISM Scholarship Committee reserves the right to decide on the number of scholarships to be awarded.

5) All scholarships offered by ISM to any student are at the absolute discretion of ISM Scholarship Committee. All decisions made by the ISM Scholarship Committee are final and no further queries shall be entertained.

6) Scholarships are only considered after applicants have obtained their actual results.

7) For Sports and Leadership Excellence Scholarships, all applicants are required to go through an interview process. Only successful candidates will be awarded the scholarships.

 8) In the event that an applicant qualifies for more than one scholarship, the applicant is only entitled to one scholarship only.

 9) Scholarship offered is valid for the duration of the programme applied. The scholarship is non-transferable to other programmes, non-convertible and non-redeemable for cash.

10) The scholarship will be terminated upon completion of the normal prescribed study period of the programme enrolled in and will not extend to any additional period including resit(s)/ repeat(s) or overseas study programme.

11) Scholarships may be withdrawn/ suspended at any time in the event of misconduct or failure to meet the required academic grades.

12) All scholarship recipients who fail to comply with all the terms and conditions of the scholarships spelt out herein or in the scholarship letter will be required to pay back 100% of total scholarship amount disbursed by ISM.

13) The qualifications required for the various scholarships may vary from year to year. Applicants are to check with ISM Registry on the requirements before applying.

14) ISM reserves the right to involve the scholars in interviews, advertisements, photography or other publicity-related activities for the purpose of promoting the institution.

 15) ISM Scholarship committee reserves the right to reject incomplete application forms.

16) Terms and conditions of the scholarships may be modified and amended from time to time as deemed appropriate by ISM.

17) In the event that the scholarship recipient withdraws from the enrolled programme before completion, he/she agrees to reimburse ISM the full amount of the scholarship awarded.

18) The scholarship recipient is obligated to:

  (i) make timely payment of outstanding fees in line with ISM policies, failing which ISM reserves the right to take necessary action, including suspension or termination of the scholarship;

  (ii) comply with all applicable rules and regulations stipulated by ISM;

  (iii) maintain the required academic performance and meet the specified grade requirement in each semester in order to enjoy the scholarship in the subsequent semester. Failure to meet such academic requirement will have the scholarship terminated/ suspended;

  (iv) take part in student clubs or community projects specified by ISM and where required; and

  (v) assist ISM in marketing activities, peer counseling, extracurricular activities, and other administration work as notified by ISM. Failure to comply with such requests without reason(s) acceptable to ISM may result in suspension or termination of the scholarship.