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Intensive English Programme 

The intensive English Programme (IEP) is structured into 3 levels, taking students from complete beginner level to being prepared to successfully complete a high intermediate course.

This module aims to prepare students of the use of English in the context of common, everyday situations. It develops student’s writing skills and speaking skills I general context. It also emphasizes the basic foundation in grammar, which is crucial for students to sustain in their studies.

Learning English is never this interesting!


We are no longer conventional as we focus on:

Integrated Skills: Students study four English skills- reading, writing, speaking and listening through a “Communicative Language Teaching” methodology. Grammar patterns are learned in the context of a conversation or real-life situation. Practical reading and writing tasks and vocabulary studies are presented as well throughout the programme.

Active Listening & Discussing Skills: Students will cover a variety of topics while practicing English conversation management, conversational styles, and pronunciation. Students also use various activities to practice English conversation including listening tasks, roles-plays and discussions.